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    How do you make a text layer that's a .png file into 3D text and apply 3D camera tracking to it?


      I'm trying to have the text appear from behind this Skateboarder skating passed a driveway, I want the text to grow from the bottom to the top.


      The motion of the footage is pretty fast, it was shot from the bottom giving it a fish eye lens effect & the concrete of the driveway is all one tone of color (gray). So it's pretty impossible to get a good 3D camera track, then create a camera & null layer, then copy + paste their attributes to the .png text layer..


      I've already created the foreground mask of the Skater, that's all good. .but the Motion Tracking is not working!!!. . .I have to go in frame by frame and fix, which doesn't look right at the end. ..


      Also, to create the text layer to grow from the bottom up, do I just create another mask of the background and rise it from bottom to top?


      Thank you for your time everyone. .. Any knew knowledge provider will be much appreciated & forever used!




      Sebastian A.