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    XML import and some tags are just not working




      we have been strugling with xml import. Adobe does not give much help for creating proper xml file but we got it almost working. But somehow some tags just do not work. Earlier I got everything fine with sample file I made but now we have real work to do.


      I changed the content to easier troubleshooting but here's few pics. Structure should be fine. Tags column_id_3 and column_id_5 work perfectly but column_id_4 does not. I changed content and created new document few times but nothing seems to help and there's nothing wrong as I can see.


      Do anyone have any idea?






      Näyttökuva 2015-11-17 kello 11.02.04.pngNäyttökuva 2015-11-17 kello 11.01.43.pngNäyttökuva 2015-11-17 kello 11.00.35.png