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    Printing HTML

      Hello all,

      I'm currently working on a personal project, where I'm using Adobe Air to lay text and graphics over a background image, with the intention of printing these images. However, when I try to print my canvas, everything prints except the mx:html controls.

      1) Does anybody know how to get these to print?
      2) If not, are there any known workarounds?

      I tried outputting my canvas to a bitmap, with the intention of printing the bitmap, but the mx:html children don't output to the bitmap.

      Any help anybody can offer would be appreciated.


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          Could be bad for your situation, but the only way I have successfully gotten around some of the issues you're describing is by outputtings static html files and opening in the user's local browser.


          In your case that could be a large amount of code and you also have issues with whatever local browser they're using.  (God forbid they have IE then you'll be outputting your html / canvas and it still won't print.)


          Unfortunately I don't really have an answer for you and I don't think Adobe does yet.  (You can see my basic workaround for printing to the user's local browser here: http://vfoo.wordpress.com/2009/03/24/adobe-air-print-css-and-html-printing-hack/ Note:  I don't think my workaround will be the best for your because relying on the user's browser for canvas printing is a bit of Russian Roulette)


          To request better printing features as well as describe your issues to Adobe go here: