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    My Adobe Account has stopped working. It tells me I need to resubscribe and I already have! Help?


      I have a year's subscription which has stopped working and asks me to pay AGAIN. This was part of the conversation from over a week ago and I'm still waiting!! I cannot find the CHAT again to see hat has happened!!! HELP!!!!!


      "Shanoop: I will escalate the case to our relevant team to provide the new redemption code, so that you could reactivate the subscription.
      Shanoop: The relevant team will contact you within 2-3 days via email regarding the isssue.
      Maureen LloydJames: Oh no! I'll just have to be patient then
      Shanoop: I apologize for the inconvenience happened to you, I assure you that your issue will be resolved and taken care by our relevant team."