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    A problem with AE CC 2014


      The splash page is stuck after I start my adobe AE cc 2014. Can anybody give me a hand? When I instll adobe cs4, I can use it. But when it comes to cc 2014, I just don' t know the reason. I have installed other adobe application like PR, DW(cc2014), all these software works normally. Somebody told me you can shut down the hardware accelerator and try. But another problem emerged as I could not find the page in Win 10. It seems that Win 10 doesn't have troubeshoot to adjust the hardware accelerator.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Could you describe in a bit more detail what is happening when you launch AE? For example, what does it say in the splash screen when it freezes?

          Have you tried CC 2015 just to see if it'll launch? Remember, you can have them both installed side by side with no problem, but you have to uncheck the setting to remove the old versions when you install CC 2015!