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    Javascript error in event handler! Event Type = symbol


      I am trying to figure out how to load external data into Edge Animate the latest version. I followed a number of examples online with no luck. I tried to do a simple test... (nothing else in the file - just trying to see if I could read in data).


      1. Created a content.json file:




              "title": "My Title",

              "description": "My Description",

              "additional_info": "My additional info",

              "link": "link path"



              "title": "My Title2",

              "description": "My Description2",

              "additional_info": "My additional info2",

              "link": "link path"



              "title": "My Title3",

              "description": "My Description3",

              "additional_info": "My additional info3",

              "link": "link path"




      2. Placed some code on the stage of my project:


      function(sym, e)

      // Load external JSON file


      function loadJSON(){



                dataType: "json",

                url: 'content.json',

                success: function(data){

                     jsonData = data;

                     //do stuff here

                     console.log("incoming data: ", jsonData);




                     alert('JSON load error')







      I was following the instructions here... Loading JSON into Edge Animate with JavaScript or jQuery | Chris Gannon

      but all I get is this error.. Javascript error in event handler! Event Type = symbol - when I open in browser and look in the console.


      I also tried these other two examples with the same results:

      Ingest external data | Adobe Edge Animate CC tutorials

      Using Templates to render Dynamic Data (Adobe Edge Animate Online Week, Episode 6) - YouTube


      Any ideas would be appreciated.