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    Can you import readable pdf documents in InDesign?


      I am hoping to create an interactive InDesign package and was wondering if you can embed PDF files within a frame within a slide, therefore making a multi page PDF document readable? Ideally I would like to link multiple PDF documents within each slide. I am aware that InDesign allows the user to hover over an image which produces a larger image. Therefore I am hoping there is a function to allow a user to open a PDF and be readable?

      Your help is appreciated.

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          Luke Jennings Level 4

          Are you asking if it's possible to add a button which will open a block of text in an interactive PDF? I haven't done this lately, but I believe you will want a separate InDesign document for your text block that includes a text anchor.

          Set the button in your first document to link (go to destination) to the text anchor in the second document.

          Export the second document to a PDF, keeping the same name as the InDesign file and keep it in the same folder.

          Export the first document to an interactive PDF. If the button doesn't work, you might need to combine the two InDesign documents into an InDesign Book (File> New> Book) and export to an interactive PDF.

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            Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

            A PDF can have attachments. Attachments can be any kind of file, including other PDFs. A master PDF can have links to the attached PDFs. These links, when clicked, could open or save a subsidiary PDF. This functionality can not be completed in Indesign, but needs to be done in Acrobat.