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    True Blood opening sequence tutorial?


      Could anybody point me in the direction of a tutorial that shows me how to make a video slideshow of archive film - I want to achieve a similar look to the True blood opening sequence or the Coco De Mer advert...

      I have sourced my footage, just don't know how i would go about putting it together in a similar way!

      here are the links for the videos I am trying to replicate:

      True Blood Opening Credits HD - YouTube

      Coco de Mer X - YouTube

      Any help is appreciated!!

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The sequence is made up of 65 shots comprised of original documentary, studio, tabletop photography and found footage. Six separate shoots took place in Louisiana, Seattle, and Chicago on seven different still, film, and video formats.

          So that's how they did it.


          There's nothing particularly After Effects about it (except for the title text near the end). It's just a straight edit in Premiere. Are you asking how to make footage look old? If so, which shot, specifically are you talking about? I ask because there are wildly different kinds of footage in the sequence and they would each require their own tutorial.