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    Testing escripts with menus

    K.Daube Level 1

      Hello friends, I'm back to my project.

      After installing "everything needed" on a new laptop I can now run ESTK as intended and hence want to use breakpoints etc.
      But my breakpoints do'nt halt the script:

      • In the script I have defined a breakpoint in a function some levels down
      • FM is open with a document the script will work on.
      • I start the script in ESTK. It creates a menu and then stops (OK)
      • Selecting the appropriate menu item, the script runs
      • A message appears. it is somewhere prior to the breakpoint.
      • Another message appears - this is way after the breakpoint.
      • So the script did not stop at the breakpoint!

      How can I run the script from the menu to the breakpoint and then tip-toe through the script?

      I have not found any hint in the JavaScript Tools Guide.

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          Klaus Göbel Level 3

          Hi Klaus,


          let me guess:


          - Your new windows is running windows 8.1 ?

          - you are using include-files? (where your breakpoints are placed?)


          That's what happened to me.

          You have to select for every single include-file FrameMaker and not ExtendScript Toolkit. On Windows 7 I didn't have to do that.

          You can try to force that, by starting the script with F10/F11. That SOMETIMES works for me.


          On Windows 8.1 ESTK also ignors #target framemaker.





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            K.Daube Level 1

            Thanks Klaus, for thinking...

            In the evening with some spacial and timely distance to the computer I had this idea:

            • Insert the call of the (otherwise menu invoked) function directly before the menu set up (DefineMenus();)
            • Place the breakpoint
            • Run the script

            After commenting out messages (which in my case try to create a window - which was not accepted) the script halted at the breakpoint.

            And now the solution for the real problems are waiting...