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    Hi, I'm having issues with quiz questions in Adobe Presenter.




      I’m working on putting a quiz together in Adobe Presenter. I would like to have multiple attempts at a single question. When answered incorrectly the quiz taker would be shown a slide with information correlating to the question (review slide, or remediate earlier slide within the project). After the quiz taker has been shown the “review slide” he/or she would then go back to the same question with another chance at answering it. Is this possible?

      It seems when I set up multiple/unlimited attempts there is no way to have a review or go to slide in-between those attempts. The attempts are exhausted and if the answer is still incorrect, only then will it go to slide assigned.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you,


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          You could use the Advanced Answer Options on the Question Panel.  Questions must be set to at least 2 attempts on the options tab.  That will make the Advanced button visible, see below.  You can then set the "Action" dropdown to "Go To Slide."  Then on the target slide, you could hyperlink back to the question slide.  Alternatively, also in the Advanced Answer Options, you can provide long form text in "Answer Feedback" and stay on the question slide.