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    Next crappy LR release... 6.3 syncronize bug is not fixed.

    Tanja2014 Level 3

      you would think they try to do it right this time.....


      the synchronize bug is not fixed.


      i tried to synchronize a folder.

      LR shows me there are 16 new files... but they won´t be imported when i synchronize the folder.

      same bug as in 6.2.


      first dialog says there are 16 new files.. next dialog (after you click to import the new files) says there are no new files to import.

      has LR alzheimers?


      i mean how dificult is this to fix? it works in LR 6.1

      it was reported by so many that this is a bug in LR 6.2. :-(



      and when i exit LR the process is often not killed. then i have to use the taskmanager to kill the task.


      this is unbelievable....