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    My Adobe experience ;(

    patricke98251174 Level 1

      Hello Adobe. If I'm not mistaking, I started my membership in February. I bought a pc several days after, I was ment to be running Photoshop and Illustrator on it but I couldn't get the machine to work. I sent it back to the company who sold me it and had to wait months for it to be fixed. When I got the pc back I was struggling with the same issue. They told me, if I was hoping to get my money back or have the opportunity to choose another pc I had to send it for service at least three times, so I did. Now I've got myself a brand new Mac but I've been waiting almost a year now. My entire Adobe experience have been (till now) almost no use, but still money's been pouring out of my pocket. To exchange my recent pc with this Mac, I had to pay an extra of $230... My school recently changed it's scholarship system so now I'm not able to pay any bills anymore. Six days ago I got an e-mail from you, a third billing failure. I've been trying for days now to end my subscription but can't seem to get anywhere. If any of you employees read this, please help me cancel it because I have no chance paying any bills at the moment. I know this whole thingy's not Adobes fault but it would be such a relief to be able to walk around knowing my billing failure's not increasing day by day. Thanks so much, love Patrick (from Norway)!