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    LR 5.2 unable to export 1080p video slideshow with large number of photos


      I have a performance I've shot with around 725 pictures. I am trying to create a slideshow from them and i can export at 480p (which creates a file around 275MB) and 720p (which creates a file around 1.5GB). The video clip is around 24 minutes long with no audio. When i try to create a 1080p video it seems to be processing the pictures (progress bar in top left slowly moves) taking an hour or so but when finished i end up with a 24KB file which can't be played.


      On one of my attempts i saw lightroom at 99% as it was just finishing and noticed in the folder that it had 3 files <filename.mp4> <filname.6988.55481aac> <filename.6988.55481.mv4> all of which showed as being 0bytes. The mv4 and aac files dissapeared and the mp4 file became 24KB. Lightroom didn't produce any errors.


      I am running windows 7 ultimate 64-bit, and i have 16GB ram so memory and file size shouldn't be an issue for my PC, however I've just done a 1080p export with 20 photos which worked fine, so it appears that lightroom can't handle either the number of files or the file size.


      I've seen one other discussion from December 2013 on this issue which received no replies so i'm starting a new discussion which will hopefully get addressed. Thanks for any help you can give.