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    Can sometimes open AE file but not always.


      I have a file that was made in CC 2015 in June/July only graphics no video. I went to modify it today and it opened the first time. Then it started crashing and wouldn't stay open.

      I cleared all cache and render files, reset permissions, deleted preferences. Rebooted and started again just fine worked for 5 minutes and it crashed again. went through the whole lot again and no soap.

      I don't even get the crash reporter to launch (yes it's activated)


      I've opened it on other machines (all Macs Some with Yosemite, some with el Capitan) without issue.


      Now the weird part, I can still access the project through Dynamic link in Premiere Pro and Media Encoder. It plays fine in both of those but won't launch, with regularity in AE.


      Other older projects, I have no issue with; I can open, edit modify save and rework til the cows come home and no issues.


      And before you say start over, it's a 7 minute piece that is all graphics AI, PSDs JPEGs, PNGs and lots of text. ( it took 4 weeks to create).


      Here are the Specs:


      Mac Pro (Late 2013)

      3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5

      32 GB




      AE:CC 2015.0.1



      Thanks for any help