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    After Effects Render/Playback Issue?

    Patrick Michalowski

      On a top of the line Mac Pro and two new 27" iMacs I am having an issue where AE stops rendering and playing back. When it glitches it gets stuck on the last frame you were on then when you scrub it will change to black then back to the frame you were on when it glitched. If you try to playback it doesn't start moving the playhead and no matter where you place the playhead and it won't render that frame or show that it has. You can set up a render but when you hit the render button it just sits at the first frame and won't render anything. This issue is persistent across multiple different projects. Re-Opening AE fixes the issue temporarily but I'd like to resolve this issue.

      Things I've tried to resolve the issue are,

      Purging the Cache

      Purging All

      Resetting preferences

      Re-installing AfterEffects

      I talked to adobe for 45 minutes to no avail and don't see anything similar to this on forums. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions to try I'm all ears.


      The are all on Mac OSX 10.10.5 and using After Effects 2015.