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    Related selects - ajax and cfc

    idesdema Level 1
      I am trying to do Ben Forta's tute on the related selects with cf8. The states will populate but then I get an error...

      "Error invoking cfc/select.cfc...."

      Two parts attached.

      Code first, then cfc
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          cfwild Level 1
          Just looking at the code, everything looks right. I'd run these functions and dump the results into a cfdump tag. I'd make sure you're getting output.

          You can also just output the query into the cfselect tag. Unsure of your rationale for using the array code/loop.

          Depending on your db you can also add in a blank row on top to make your initial "select" come up blank instead of your first "option". You can also use QueryNew to accomplish this. When you "bind" you can't use the built in tag features.

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            idesdema Level 1
            It was a query error.... I am considering the ticket closed because it is working now.

            Not gonna lie... cf8 ajax is really freegin sweet!

            Thanks for looking into it!