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    Change row height limits


      This is currently the final function in a script I have that finds empty rows in a document and deletes them. But in this instance, I don't want to delete them. I want to change the max and min row height limits of these empty rows.


      function deleteEmptyRows (rows) {


      var i, count = rows.length, row;


          for (i = 0; i < count; i += 1) {

              row = rows[i];

              if (rowIsEmpty (row) === true) {

                    row.Delete ();







      I've got the cell dimension that I want to apply by running the below which gave me "371542". I thought I could just replace row.Delete (): with  row.RowMaxHeight="371542"; but this doesn't do anything. Could anyone point me in the right direction please?


      var doc = app.ActiveDoc;

      var pgf = doc.TextSelection.beg.obj;

      var cell = pgf.InTextObj;

      var row = cell.CellRow;

      alert (row.RowMinHeight);