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    Puppet Pin Tool and Vector Image


      I used vector image Puppet Pin Tool. This image I pre-compose. I after turned Layer Comp For: Collapse Transformations, For vector layer. Continuously Rasterize. I have a problem. the image breaks in half. I need to turn it on, because I have a blurred vector images



      Distribution of the vector after turning on the ,,lights,,






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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You cannot apply any transform animations to a layer with puppet pin applied. The layer must stay where it is and only the puppet pin can be animated. If you then need to animate the position of your puppet you pre-compose the layer moving all attributes and then transform the layer to the new position, scale and rotation that you need for your project. It's hard to tell for sure from your second screenshot but it looks as if the whale layer may have some additional animation and it looks like the puppet pin at the head of the whale has moved a very long way. It is easier to diagnose puppet pin problems if you have the mesh turned on so you can see what's going on.