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    Converting HTML to PDF (how do I edit or remove automatic header/footer)?


      Hello all,


      I'll begin with the positive. Adobe's "Convert to Adobe PDF" function works beautifully for HTML to PDF. In fact, even with all the embedded HTML 5 CSS, the conversion perfectly renders the HTML! I'm so impressed!


      But I have a little issue that I would just love to solve.


      Adobe automatically inserts a header and a footer. The header isn't really a problem but it would be nice to customize. It's the footer that really needs to change. The automatic footer is a long unsightly text that includes the full path and file name as well as the data and time of conversion. Is there any way to customize and just remove this during the conversion. It's a 41 page document so I am not going to manually edit the header and footer. Ideally, I would like Adobe to modify the header/footer during the conversion... because I need to eventually automate the conversion and avoid any post-editing.


      Thank you for your advice.