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    importing sony a7ii raw images


      Hello...I have the latest LR update as part of my CC. I used to be able to import my Sony A7ii RAW images into LR but a few days ago I took my computer in for some servicing and just got it back today.


      I'm not sure if it's a coincidence but this is the only camera that I am not able to retrieve photos from the memory card. My Nikon photos import perfectly. Again, this use to work with the Sony until I took the computer in. Everything else in LR seems to be working fine including my previous ARW files that I had imported before the computer fix.


      Any ideas? I'm stumped


      Thanks for any help given.



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          rpandita Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi cecileg,



          • Lightroom 6.3/CC 2015.3 is now available -- try updating to that version.
          • Have you tried using any other card?
          • Is LR able to include files from all other locations?




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            cecileg51164227 Level 1

            Hi Rohit,


            1. Yes I have updated to LR 6.3. I had LR 6.1 before I took the computer in for servicing. I just got the computer back this morning and proceeded to update to LR6.3 as I knew it had come out.


            2. As mentioned in my first post ...yes...I have successfully uploaded photos off my Nikon card.


            3. Not quite sure what you mean by this question. I can tell you that no files/photo locations has changed in my LR catalogue.

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              What error are you getting or what unexpected behavior is occurring?

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                cecileg51164227 Level 1

                I am not getting an error message. I am just not able to import my photos off my memory card. The drive shows up but it says that there are no photos to show which I know is incorrect.

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Do you have Subfolders enabled and do you have All Photos instead of New Photos selected, if those are options.


                  Can you do Help / System Info and verify your LR version in case you’re running an older version for some reason?


                  Can we see a screenshot of your Import panel including the device with any folders expanded?


                  Is it possible that there is some driver or filter installed that is blocking the proper reading of the photos from the memory card? 


                  From what you say you’ve used the same card reader to work with the Nikon memory card and it works ok.


                  Are you able to see the contents of the card if you view it in Explorer or Finder?  If you copy the photos from the card to your hard-drive can you import, then?

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                    cecileg51164227 Level 1

                    1. The only thing I have selected is to not import suspected duplicates.

                    2. I did a System Info and here's a cut and paste:

                    Lightroom version: CC 2015.3 [ 1052427 ]

                    License: Creative Cloud

                    Operating system: Windows 7

                    Version: 6.1

                    3. Yes...I'll try and get one for you asap.

                    4.Possible but we (my husband and I) haven't found one yet. However, it's reading a CF card (Nikon camera) but not the SD card (Sony).

                    5. Yes...same card reader, same routine, same as always except now it's not working with Sony. waaaaahhh (me crying). Works fine with Nikon.

                    6. No. That's the funny thing. I cannot see the contents of the card in Explorer. It shows nothing. We cannot see them so we cannot copy them. However, we are trying a different medium and trying to download the card through my husbands laptop. He is able to see the contents of the SD card through Explorer.


                    Many thanks for your help


                    EDIT: Ok...so we found an old external HD and plugged that into my husbands laptop to download the photos (as we could see them there). Now I've just plugged in the HD into my desktop and voila the photos are happily downloading into LR.


                    So tomorrow I'm going to check into why my normal card reader is no longer picking up the SD card. Either it's broken (I'll check using another camera that uses an SD card) or it's just possessed. In which case, I will most likely go out and buy another card reader because I cannot go through my husbands laptop everytime I use the camera.