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    After Effects CC: How to track when an object comes onscreen?


      I'm trying to track when a specific object appears in my video, and I want to attach an action to when it does. I'm pretty new to most of this editing stuff, but I do know how to motion track an object. I'm wondering if the process is at all similar.

      To help better explain what I'm talking about, take a look at this video. (This is actually the same video game I'm capturing and hoping to edit.) You'll see the first thing that happens is that the character picks up a 'Top Speed' power up. There are 9 different power ups in the game, and I'm wondering if I there's a way to automatically search a specific area of the screen to mark with a key frame when the text 'Top Speed' is on the screen (as well as the other power ups like turn, weight, etc).

      My goal is to accomplish something similar to what this guy has done in his video. It'd be a real pain to have to search out every time I pick up a power up and change the text on the side of the screen for each video I make, so if there's a way to automate the process, it'd be really helpful, and I'm wondering if anyone here can help me out.

      Anyways, thanks in advance, you guys!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can use an expression to sample the color at a certain position on a layer but there's no way to automatically define a graphic event and wait for something to happen. Your game play video samples are quite long. My suggestion would be to do this kind of project in Premiere Pro and simply play through the video, watch the screen, then add a marker each time you see a power up happen using the shortcut key. Then create you graphic in Premiere Pro and just edit the text in at each marker. This will be hours and hours faster than trying to do something like the sample video in After Effects because AE is best suited to creating visual effects shots and short sequences. You are looking for a automated solution that just doesn't exist in any video app that I know of.