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    LR 6.3, so where is the download file????

    ThomasH_on_the_web Level 1

      We have now 21:46 California time, and I am giving up.


      I wasted several hours while trying to find and download the mystic LR6.3  No matter where I go, I find only LR 5.7.1 download, and nothing after it.   No matter where I go, it leads me to some convoluted "application manager," or some "creative could", with which I have nothing to do, because I prefer to be private, and totally on-site with my stuff.  So please, where I can download this upgrade file?


      By the by, and that really really makes me angry:

      I also never gave permission to Adobe, or their Jive system, to disclose my first and last name.  I always used to have a screen name in this, and in any other forum.  Now its a moot point obviously, but I am pissed. I asked their "online chat" for help, and all what the ah so competent technician was able to tell me, was to... yes you guessed: to delete all cookies. I filed a BBB complaints about violating my privacy.  Needless to say, do not look for me on MySpace, Facebook, or similar stuff.  Some people like to be private.