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    Creating .htcaccess for first time



      I want to create a .htaccess file. The main reason that I am doing this is to prevent .html and .php from showing up in the url bar. Even though I read several articles about how to write a .htaccess file I still have some questions.

      FYI: My website is about graphic design and it has some text info and a portfolio with images.

      1. Should I prevent hotlinking? When other websites are using our images isn't something good about us? Isn't a good advertisement of our work?
      2. Should I prevent Directory Listing?? ( I don't know if this is good or not)
      3. Should I add an Image caching parameter? What would be the recommended duration? Most of images won't change.
      4. Can you give me some more tips on how to setup removing .html extension from URL? I read that beside the code in .htaccess I have to add code inside each .html file for that purpose and I got confused in that part.
      5. Where do I place this file?