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    Text disappearing in IDCS6 on El Capitan

    c.support Level 1

      Hi guys.


      This is our story of text randomly disappearing in IDCS6 on El Capitan.


      We just upgraded to El Capitan from Snow Leopard (10.6.8, I know...) and we've NEVER had text disappear regardless of how big the InDesign file we were working on was. Our tech specs are also the same, so it must be something to do with IDCS6 and El Capitan that has caused this to happen.


      I haven't seen anyone reporting this as happening under 10.6.8 on the forums, so is it that this has started happening after 10.6.8 only?


      We've tried resetting preferences and all of that, but all to no avail.


      I'm wondering, could this be because our designers literally start InDesign in the morning when they come in and never close it until they go home? Could InDesign not be correctly managing RAM and as such be needing to be restarted as an application after massive jobs to ensure it work correctly again?


      Or should we be restarting the entire computer at lunch time or such?