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    automatic multiple master page assignments within one InDesign document

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      I've gotten quite a request from my client, and I don't know if it can be done. We are working on a multiple-chapter, each chapter as its own document, manual. They want it delivered as both a print pdf and an interactive pdf. So far so good.


      Now comes the  part I can't quite wrap my head around. They want different master pages for each type of pdf, and only want one InDesign file delivered. The masters will definitely have different headers (created in Illustrator) and different elements assigned. They are also talking about different margins, and I am hoping they decide against that.


      I am delivering the InDesign files as well as the print and interactive files. The client wants this to be something she can easily work with going forward.


      So - my questions:


      1) Is there any easy way to change Master pages within a document without changing layout? Maybe using a script of some sort? Is there any way to use a book .indb file to accomplish this? I really don't want to have to reassign the master pages


      2) I have found that pages within the documents don't always lock to the text frames in the master pages, especially the first ones in threaded frames. Any ideas why this happens? When I thread the text to the second, third, fourth pages etc. they lock to the master. It is the first frame I have trouble with. So if I can't solve this issue, I would also then have to check to be sure all the text frames are still lined up properly.


      I hope I have given enough information. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!