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    Motion Tracking in PE 13.1 - Cannot Attach Text


      PE 13.1 on a MS-WIN7 PC....


      This tutorial (for PE 12) shows that you can attach a label to a static object whilst panning:  Motion Tracking in Adobe Premiere Elements 12 - YouTube


      Just what I want to do!  I see that there are a number of threads on the subject of Motion Tracking, one result being that it seems not

      to work if you first clip the sequence.  SO I thought I should first do the motion tracking & then clip the front afterwards.


      Anyhow, since I failed to get it to work in my big project I have set up a test project with just this one clip.

      This is copied into dropbox: Dropbox - 10-04-2014_160103.m2ts


      What I intend to do is to attach some text to the hills (lava domes) starting from 00;00;15;12.

      Using Motion Tracking I can can select the object:




      Sure enough the object is tracked.


      But when I then go to Graphics & drag Speech Bubble 09-Left the preview goes black for a second or so & when the cursor is close to the yellow rectangle it refuses to go blue.

      The bubble appears in the preview & Speech Bubble 09-Left appears as Video2 but it is not attached to the selected object.


      I saw in some threads about a Checkbox: "Force the selected parameter on the projectc" but could not find this anywhere.


      Do I have a chance to get this to work or should I just move on with the rest of the project?


      Curiously - if I exist without saving this mini project, start PE again (new project), add the same clip to the timeline & select Motion Tracking again a yellow rectangle appears exactly as before but

      without my starting to select the object.  When I do that & define the rectangle I find I now have two...

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Premiere Elements 13/13.1 on Windows 7 64 bit


          I have just downloaded your sample video and will have some comparative results for you within an hour or sooner.


          To be continued...



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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            After weighing all factors and working with your sample video on Premiere Elements 13/13.1 Windows 7 64 bit and Motion tracking, suggestion is to move on.


            I believe the feature recognized motion in the video file is not going to give you the original yellow frame around the object to be tracked and consequently not going to give you the critical linking of the tracking object with the object to be tracked (blue framed box).


            What little "solid" motion there is in your video, it is going from right to left rather than left to right, but I do not believe that is the factor causing the problem. In my test model (moving red circle AVCHD.mp4 video), I looked at Motion Tracking with the Speech Bubble 09 LEFT using an AVCHD.mp4 with the red circle going left to right as well as another AVCHD.mp4 with the red circle going from right to left. No problems having the Speech Bubble and red circle to travel together in either test.



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              HOTELECHOMIKE Level 1

              The curious thing is that the yellow box (as shown in my screen shot) does track with the object when I select the right arrow above the timeline but I don't seem to be able to attach the speech bubble.


              I now see that the example in the YouTube tutorial I linked to used Speech Bubble 09-Right rather than -Left but I doubt if thats the issue.


              Bit sad - would have been nice to have been able to label this geological feature in the pan (I have a few other places where the featurte would have been useful).


              I'll move forward with the project & just try to use simple static text "labels".