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    Event Dispatch n Listen between module

      i gonna develope a App using module based env.
      but, i don't know hot to do.
      so, hope someone let me the way with samples.

      here is my ideal structrue.

      When i click a node in Tree [module A],
      i want to send some data value to [module B] by event dispatching.

      [main App module]
       - [sub module]
        - [Display module A] : left side, Tree Type
        - [Display module B] : right side, AdvancedDataGrid
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          _Natasha_ Level 4
          You need to create a singleton object for main application for listening events and redirection them to modules. (In Caingorm microarchitecture it's called MainController)
          In each module it's needed an initial part for registering posible events in MainController and event listeners for events from other modules.