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    Indesign Cs6 running really slow !!


      I edit, create and produce manuals for a company that has not given me ANY training on Indesign! I use Indesing Cs6 to edit already produced Manuals and have slowly started to create my own. The company has an external company, that had started work on a new project before I was relevant. They use Indesign CC, the guy also creates the manuals as a Book. He sends me the files along with an IDML file that allows me to convert what he has sent me into the version of Indesign (CS6) I am using. That is all fine!


      As I am now beginning to edit these newly produced manuals I am having problems with the programme ... It is running extremely slow especially when typing or importing images.


      I Move the files from the server the external company has access too.

      Put them onto the server of whom I work for.

      Open Cs6 from my desktop and create a Book

      I then save the book into the same folder, on the server I have moved the files too

      I open all the IDML files individually and then save them to the same folder as a Indesign Cs6 file.

      I then open the book and add all needed files into the book.

      Then I save.


      They are the steps I take before I start editing the files, with book still open I tend to edit the sections individually unless I am updating the cross - references.

      I am unsure if there is something I am doing wrong or if there is a certain setting/format I should change. I am not very computer literate, the companys Tech guy seems to think it is an error with the programme rather than my computer as he has checked it and also inserted more memory.


      HELP PLEASE  !!!!!!!!!!

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Not nearly enough to go on.




          What operating system? What are the hardware specs for the computer?

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            If there are cross refs across docs, open them all whether updating them specifically or not. And are there links? They might be referring to a location not available.

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              jessicac0916 Level 1

              Sorry, again I am not very computer literate, I would have to ask the tech guy when I return to work tomorrow...


              When running a Document file created in Indesign and been created on my computer, everything works fine. Thats why I am coming to the conclusion it is something to do with a setting on Indesign rather than the computer itself?


              Thank you for your reply.

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                jessicac0916 Level 1

                Thank you for your reply ....

                There are links, with no errors. I have all the appropriate files with all the images in the right places.

                I was originally opening all the files to edit them, because there was editing to do with the cross references, but again this makes no difference to the speed of the editing.


                .... I probably should have mentioned that this problem has not always occurred, the editing of the files has gradually got slower and slower to the point where it is now effecting the amount of work I get done in a day ect;



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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Do a Save As on each of the files to clear out old change data. If there are cross-document cross-references ID will constantly open the files and close them again as you work unless you keep all files in the book open.

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                    jessicac0916 Level 1



                    I have done this.


                    I have deleted all the files I had started working on leaving me with the core Indesign IDML Files, saved each individually IDML into an Indesign CS6 file..... Now all that worked perfectly fine, I was able to open close and edit the files (whilst they were all open) very easily and without much delay.


                    I have then created a booked saved it into the same folder as the converted Indesign Cs6 files and one by one added them into the book saving the book after each addition. Again all of this worked well and had no delay.


                    I have closed the book, re-opened the book along with all the indivudual sections for editing .... && this is where it freezes and takes a ridiculous amount of time to even type or delete. One thing that puzzles me is that scrolling up and down the pages seems to be working fine and at a normal speed.

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      I'm stumped. I don't know why it should work until you close and re-open, but I suspect it's either a plugin or other software conflict.

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                        jessicac0916 Level 1

                        Since my earlier reply, I have now gone back to the book, opened the book and all the sections .... all is working great !! I think I may have slightly corrupted the files whilst I have been opening the sections individually within the book to edit them ?? Great advice Thank you !!!