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    Accelerating Flash Catalyst adoption

      I know our team will want to adopt FC as quickly as possible.
      If FC is an upgrade to Flash, as opposed to a new product, our enterprise (30k people) will be able to acquire and integrate it more easily.

      If it's a new product, well, it becomes an exception to the current toolset and we might not get it for years, if at all.
      No joke!
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          Mordy Golding Level 3

          Flash Catalyst is not an "upgrade" from Flash, nor will it replace Flash Professional at all. Flash Catalyst is a new product. No word from Adobe yet on when it will become available, for how much, and if it will be a part of any of their Suite packages.



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            Personally i feel that FC should be included in the Creative Suite ... especially the Premium Design suite. Most designers I know use Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator religiously but barely use Flash and Dreamweaver (except for very basic web projects.) For me personally this is due to coding and scripting. I cannot express my ideas properly due to my lack of web language capabilities! FC will really help (not entirely solve) that problem.


            I don't see this tool being as beneficial to the already accomplished web designer however. If they already have a great understand of actionscript, I don't see why they would feel the need to purchase and learn a new software. Kinda the way html coders view Dreamweaver. They may however use it for quick prototypes and obviously when collaborating on Flex projects.


            Just my 2 cents.