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    LR CC almost not working. It took 40 min to import a folder (actually It's still importing !!


      I signed Lr and PS CC montlhy package 1 week ago. Since, I could use PS, but it's impossible to use Lr. I tried to delete some files e get more free space in my HD. But I didn't get any improve while Lr it's running. So, at this moment I'm trying for the 10th time to import the first folder and I couldnt, because it's running very, very slow (the last trying  started 45 min ago...). I did all the steps recommended on FAQ, but I got nothing.

      Please, somebody help me, I have a job to finish until tomorrow.



      I'm using a Macbook air with 258 GB HD ,1.3 Ghz Intel core i5, 4 GB ram, 1600 mhz DDR 3