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    Lightroom CC 2015 uses 6.9 gb of memory

    d_mcgarrity Level 1

      I've avoided incrementally upgrading Lightroom, and it seems my fears were warranted with the asinine realease of the LR version an update ago,
      I had thought, based upon Adobe's mea culpa, the problems were addressed and fixed, so I did the latest update.
      I should have stuck to my guns

      LR apparently has a memory leak, in addition to the well documented slowness on my Win 7 64 bit machine with 32gb of memory (and the gpu acceleration turned off)
      When I use LR, like right now for instance opening an catalog (new catalogs for every event not one large one) the system is showing a 4.09 gb use of memory

      Forget about when I export, my entire system, robust by any measure, grinds to a halt while trying to deal with 7 export jobs at one go-Do I NEED to say the first LR CC did NOT have this problem, nor did LR 5.7
      When I say grinds to a halt, I mean it even causes my video to flicker, is it possible that this LR version 2015.2.1, is still so ridiculously buggy that it causes all these problems? Or is it possible that Adobe is simply not testing their products sufficiently on Windows platforms?


      Yes, many photographers use Windows Adobe, some of us even prefer it.....this is not a rant against Apple, but a genuine question..




      WTF is going on with the 6.9 gb of memory use?

      how to stop it or at minimum revert to version 5.7 and say later to this 2015 version? That proves tough in that so many catalogs are now "upgraded" to LR 2015.2.1 version