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    Error Dialogue When Trying to Import




      I am a few days into my 30 day Creative Cloud trial.  I just updated to the latest Lightroom version: "Lightroom version: CC 2015.3 [ 1052427 ]"  I am using Windows 7.


      I am trying to do an import after running the update.  Every time I press the import button, I receive an error message saying:


      The destination folder C:/Users/(Folder Name)/(Pictures)/(Folder Name) is not available. Using Pictures folder instead.


      To clarify, I inserted (Folder Name) for the actual names of my folders, for the sake of privacy.  The pictures folder is the parent folder in which all of my other folders reside. 


      Does anyone know why this is happening? 


      I also have a second, possibly related issue:


      I noticed that there is a new option called "Don't import suspected duplicates," but it doesn't seem to be working.  I didn't see this option in 2015.2 (the program I learned on) but noticed that upon import in that edition, some of the thumbnails were greyed out and said "already imported.  So my question relating to this second issue:


      1. Was this duplicate option part of 2015.2, and just not visible to me?




      2. In 2015.3, does Lightroom check for duplicates that exist within each folder I am importing? Or is it only checking for duplicates against photos that already have been imported in my Lightroom Catalog?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Check to make sure that your Pictures folder has not been set to read-only. That happened to me a while back. Regarding the importing of duplicates, that option was part of the import dialog prior to CC 2015.2. It was part of the reason so many people complained about the new import dialog that was new in the version you learned on.

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            20151115_jwphoto_XP_jx105 Level 1

            Hi Jim, thanks for the suggestion but it did not work. 


            I am thinking about deleting or temporarily removing the folders inside of the C:/Photos/Lightroom folder, which contain the .lrcat files.  Since I have not done much keywording or anything like that, I do not believe I will lose anything important.  Maybe I am wrong?


            So far I have just done a lot of moving around and reorganizing into folders by date and event using Lightroom, but the changes as far as I know have all been saved to my Windows file system and not to the Lightroom catalog files.


            Please advice, thanks.

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              20151115_jwphoto_XP_jx105 Level 1

              Update:  Im a little impatient I guess.  I migrated the .lrcat and associated files from the "Lightroom" folder to a temporary folder on my Desktop.  I then opened Lightroom and created a new default catalog, then added all the folders I created into the new catalog.


              Problem solved.

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                I have the same problem with a large catalog which has worked just fine until now. The "workaround" of starting again is a non-starter, as I have geo-tagged, keyworded and created several collections in this catalog. Worked fine until today. Haven't updated my lightroom from 2015.3 (the version before the import debacle); worried that updating might break something. Why would the import stop working when I have not changed anything??


                Any help much appreciated.

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                  Hal P Anderson Level 6

                  What is the exact error message you're getting? Word for word would be nice. Actually, 2015.3 is the version after the import debacle.



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                    uw_photographer Level 1

                    Thanks for the response Hal.


                    Doh! Maybe I should update?


                    The message reads "The destinations folder <name> is not available. Using Pictures folder instead"

                    I should say I am on a Mac OSX10.10 and I have checked that the desired folder is not full or read only.

                    I have since downloaded a batch of images to a new catalog as a subfolder within my original target, and all seems normal.

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                      dj_paige Level 9

                      You are trying to import into a folder that does not exist.


                      You need to change the destination folder to a folder that does exist.

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                        uw_photographer Level 1

                        Ah-ha! Yes, I realise it has.

                        This is a gotcha for using the catalog on two computers via dropbox, when the dropbox folders are not in the same location on the two computers.

                        Looks like I'll have to import the pictures on just one of the computers to avoid this error again.


                        Thanks for your (swift) solution to my problem!

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                          I have had this same issue now a couple of times:

                          The destination folder xxxxx is not available. Using Pictures folder instead.


                          My solution has been to create an empty folder with the same name xxxxx on the operation system level (not in Lightroom, I don't want to see empty useless folders there).


                          All your previous import folders are shown in the upper right corner of the import dialog (open TO: and scroll down to "recent" ).  I have noticed, that if you deleted or renamed any of the folders on that list, you will get the error message.


                          I don't know if there is any way how to clean all the "recent file" listings in Lightroom. If your error message points to a device that is not available in your system any more , this workaround won't help.


                          I think this is a bug (feature?) in Lightroom that should be fixed: it should not give any error message of deleted or renamed prior import folders. And I think there should be a way to get rid of the recent file listings. I am using Lightroom CC 2015.5 version at the moment.

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                            Not necessarily the correct answer. I get this each time I import from a CF card. The messages always relates to a folder that I deleted many moons ago. But in the Lr import screen I am obviously not selecting it because it's impossible to select something that doesn't exist (except via a preset). It's a bug in Lr. It doesn't appear to be associated with one's list of import folders (in the 'To' section) because that list of paths can be cleared and it still happens. One workaround is to create the folder it's complaining about.