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    Animation Hide on Reverse


      Hello all,


      I have created a pop up window in Indesign CC 2015. The way it works, is that the pop up objects exist over the page but are hidden until "Button 1" is clicked. When "Button 1" is clicked, all of my pop up objects fade in to view. There is another button that reverses the animations, removing the pop up window. The problem is, that the objects don't re-hide, and I cannot interact with any of the content under where the pop up is.


      Basically, I have a group of objects hidden until their animation is triggered, but don't know how to re-hide them after their animation is reversed. I need this because there is "ghost" content over my page otherwise.


      Is it possible to re-hide an object on a reverse animation? Is there another approach that could give the same result?


      Thank you in advance!