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    I can't open books borrowed from the Library on my ereader


      I am at my wits end.  I have used an ereader (Kobo) for years with no problem.  I download books through Overdrive and have always been able to transfer to my Kobo.  Now when I tried to do so I see a window saying Oops.  content protected by DRM.  Both my ereader and Adobe Digital Editions have the same account and adobe ID.  On the adivce of Overdrive I removed ADE from my computer and downloaded an earlier edition (ADE 1.7) I tried downloading another book and when I tried to transfer it to my ereader I get a window saying "Problem with document's License.  E_ADEPT_CORE_ACTIVATION-TOKEN_SIGNATURE           Document is licensed for a different user account"

      I can't understand why this is happening.  I had not made any changes to my computer prior to this problem.  I have done a Factory Reset on my Kobo and have uninstalled ADE and reinstalled both the current and previous editions.  I would rely like to talk to someone about this but can't find a way.  Please HELP.