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    Little help in director 11.5

      It would help me if any of you can do this in Director 11.5.

      Paste this text into word: hola, qué tal va i què tal va, al•lots?

      Copy that from word and paste into a text member in Director 11.5

      In Director 11 you'll see: hola, quétal va i quètal va, al•lots?

      If you see "qué tal", and not "quétal" I'll download and buy the 11.5 expansion. Otherwise I think I'll stop buying director (I've been using it since "Macromind" Director 3 ...)

      If Director 11.5 isn't able to import spanish text and, since I don't create 3d, neither games, but multimedia applications in cd and dvd-rom with 360 panos, full of text and photos, some video and lots of programming, I would be happy if you can tell me about some other software that I can use to do that kind of development.

      Sorry for my poor english. Thank you.

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          Interesting. I don't have 11.5, I'm still using MX 2004 in OS X.

          When I copy/paste that text directly from your post it formats correctly but when I copy/paste from Word it replaces the accented es

          hola, quÈ tal va i quË tal va, al•lots?

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            fazstp Level 2
            If I save the text from Word to an RTF document it writes it as

            hola, qu\u233\'e9 tal va i qu\u232\'e8 tal va, al}{
            \f24\cf17\lang1033\langfe1033\langnp1033\insrsid6244935 \bullet }{\f24\cf17\lang1033\langfe1033\langnp1033\insrsid6244935 lots

            As Director imports this using chars 233 and 232 I guess the \u tag is confusing it.

            If I paste it into TextEdit and save an RTF document it writes it as

            hola, qu\'e9 tal va i qu\'e8 tal va, al\'95lots

            Which imports correctly.

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              fazstp Level 2
              As a workaround you could save your document to RTF from Word, open the RTF in WordPad (or TextEdit on a Mac) and re-save it to strip out the RTF bloat. Hopefully the RTF will then import correctly into Director.