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    Layer bouncing around

    billyc88920796 Level 1

      I am using After Effects CS3.  Very much a beginner. I am retired and making fun animations for the grandkids to pass

      the time.  I have been trying to replace their faces on some videos. I used a tutorial for "putting yourself in movies" from

      Tara Arts and other tutorials.  I am only picking videos where the hero or whoever doesn't move his/her head very much.

      There is no head turning and very little movement.  I am then using a head shot of one of my grandkids and lining it up

      with the video. I carefully position the photo to line up with the movement on the video. Using Photoshop, I get the color

      of the photo to match as close as possible. Then after all this, the head bounces around when I ram preview it. It is not

      a lot of bouncing, but more than what the person's head on the video does. Am I missing something or is this not a good

      idea.  I am having fun with after effects and done fair on other projects, but this one seems to have me stumped.