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    RH 8 Find/Replace in Files (both X5 & RH 8)

    MergeThis Level 4
      With both RH X5 & RH 8 installed on the same machine, the RH 8 usual Yes or No replacement works as it should. However, using the Edit button to customize a replacement string launches X5 as the editor, not RH 8.

      1. In RH 8 Find and Replace in Files, click Edit.
      2. Note that RH X502 opens the single file.
      3. Enter a change and click the Close button.
      4. The dialog returns:

      "This file was modified outside of Multi-File Find and Replace.
      Would you like to reload the file?"

      5. Clicking either Yes or No does not close the dialog. However,
      repeatedly pressing either button (10-15 times in
      quick fashion) will close the dialog.

      Otherwise, you have to force an End Task via Task Manager.

      I've submitted a bug report for this issue.