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    How can i cancel my Creative Cloud subscription? Can't contact support from the website!!


      I'v tried to cancel my creative cloud membership with no luck. When I try to contact the support there is no option to chat or call anyone only forum option. This is really frustrating!!!

      When I have selected creative cloud and cancel subscription from the drop down menus the text tells me to click on the chat or phone button to contact support but THERE ARE NO SUCH BUTTONS VISIBLE!!! It's a infinite loop if I click the only button visible on the site which is the "Still need help - Contact us" and if I click that it will go back to the page where I started!


      PLEASE CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION!!! I'm really annoyed that the cancellation of CC is so hard You need to beef up your game Adobe, now the cancellation process is a joke.



      Arto Mikkola