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    displaying layers with transparency from AutoCAD publish


      I am not sure if this is an AutoCAD or Adobe related issue, but am asking both places for help!


      I publish my CAD drawings from AutoCAD to PDF. I used layer transparency in AutoCAD to make the base plan a bit more opauqe than the design layers. This has the effect of a nice contrast between the architect supplied floorplan and our design.


      The layers with transparency show up and print just fine from Acrobat, however, the layers with transparency do not show up in other PDF viewers such as dropbox, ipad, etc..


      I am wondering if there is a way i can export from Acrobat such that the other viewer programs can see the layers with transparency??


      I have little Acrobat knowledge but have tried:

      1. saving as optimized PDF and flattening transparency.

      2. saving as PDF/X


      neither of these exports worked (i may not be applying the above methods correctly), so I need help.


      My issues are two-fold 1) i cant markup drawings on my ipad and 2) some of my clients have trouble printing because they're using some other type of PDF viewer.


      Thanks in advance!


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          brian_AL Level 1

          I've had some success. if i go to preflight and apply the digital printing (B/W) profile, then the 3rd party viewers display the layers with transparency correctly. I guess this is correctly flattening the transparency and also looks like it coverts color to CYMK. i'm not sure which of these is the fix.


          my preferred method is to use optimize, which makes the files a bit smaller and more manageable for my clients. optimizer has an option for flatten transparency, which i click, but the 3rd party PDF viewers still dont show the layers with transparency correctly.


          I suppose i have my 'fix' but would appreciate input from those who know the tool to help me understand why optimize wont work.


          thanks in advance.