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    Latest update and text reflow [Android]


      Before the latest update i was able to flip the pages of a pdf viewed in text reflow mode similar to single page mode, by tapping on the side of the screen.  Where is this gone?  This was kind of handy when reading a book in pdf format.

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          EnterpriseHelp Adobe Employee

          If you're on an Android device, switch to single page view. See Acrobat Reader Help for Android: Navigation



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            peterhnl6136 Level 1

            Text Re-flow would previously take a single page and display it using multiple pages at a font size or zoom level that was comfortable to read.  When reading something on a 7" tablet that was originally created on a 8.5"X 11" page the font size is probably around a 5 or 6pt, so it is a struggle to read when using single page view.  Being able to tap the side of the page to view the document makes for very easy navigation as opposed to scrolling up and down, which is actually a bit clumsy since sometimes the page springs back up or to a new page.  Text-Re-flow took a single page and displayed it on as many pages as was necessary according to the text size that the reader desired.  This was a great feature for reading novels that are stored in pdf format.  The latest update removed this ability as far as I can tell.  The page number on the vertical is not useful when flipping one page at a time and tapping on it to go to a specific page is not helpful when reading a novel.  Being able to flip the page (like a paper book or magazine), by tapping on the side made for a pleasurable experience while ready a pdf with many pages.

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              steve.yost Adobe Employee

              Peter, thanks for your thorough explanation. I'm a developer who did some of the reflow work. Would it be useful if we simply re-added support for the side-tap gesture, such that it would advance/reverse the scrolling vertically by a screenful, and of course jump to the next/previous page when you're at a page boundary? I'm wondering if it's just the ease of the single-tap gesture that's most missed.

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                peterhnl6136 Level 1

                The ease of the single side-tap is greatly missed.  I guess that previously it did this by advancing the additional text to a new page (that still had the same page number).  I.e. Page 1 was split into two pages, but both were still page 1).


                Adding the single side-tap would be extremely useful in my case and would be greatly appreciated.

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                  steve.yost Adobe Employee

                  OK, thanks for that clarification. Yes, that's the way it worked before: a side tap would advance one screenful of text until you reached the end of a PDF page, and then go to the next PDF page. When you reached the end of the PDF page, you would often have the bottom part of the screen filled with white space. The new continuous scroll doesn't leave white space, nor does it make sure that each line of text is fully on the screen, so if we were to add support for side tap, we'd need to consider the best approach.