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    How do I cancel my "free" stock membership? Infinite loop of nonsense trying to figure out how to cancel!


      So before my thirty day trial ended I went to cancel my membership via the "cancel my membership" button only to be taken through an infinite loop of "help" and "contact" menus. I was getting frustrated as hell, and being incredibly busy without time to deal with it I put it off for a couple of days. Now, I've been charged for an additional month of Adobe Stock and I'm really fed up. The neverending loop of impossible "contact options" finally has taken me here as my only means of contact? I need to cancel this immediately, and get refunded for this additional month that I didn't want. The chat option is closed, and the phone number isn't getting me anywhere.


      It's obvious that Adobe is making it as difficult as possible for people to cancel the free trial period. I am usually hesitant to enter any credit card information when it comes to "free trials" but I thought I could trust that Adobe would make this easy. It's not. Far from it.

      Please help.