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    Getting logged out all the time

    amandaveenhuis Level 1

      I keep getting logged out of the stock website. I can be working on a job and then I need to find a new image and and I have to log in again. It's a little annoying.

      Is this just me or everyone and maybe the time logged in could be increased.

      I find it annoying because I usually have done a search, the page is up in my browser, I work on my project, then I revist the results and I get sent back to the login screen which then loses my search and I have to start over from scratch.

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          ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Amanda,

          Sorry you're having trouble with that. Try clearing the cache and cookies in your web browser.


          Or try using a different browser altogether.


          Usually doing something like that solves those types of issues with crossed-up website logins or timeouts.


          Hope that helps!

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            Lillian Duran

            "A Little Annoying" It's A Pain in the A**!  I clear Cache, I Try to Check the "Keep Me Logged In" Box, I try to Refresh to keep me as if I'm still on the Program... & I STILL GET AUTO LOGGED OUT!!!" <:(

            Every Other program or site I'm logged into Stays Logged In even over night If I don't log out! Why with all the NEW Technology & Adobe having some of the BEST Tools CANNOT Fix this problem??? Don't give me an Answer Saying its something I'm Doing because I KNOW IT"S NOT On my End... JUST SIMPLY Allow for users to Remain Logged in Why can't you just DO that????! <:(

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              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

              Hi Lillian,


              I can understand your frustration.


              But I wanted to let you know couple of things;

              I too follow the same things as said by you over the above post and I remain logged in even after several hours of inactivity.

              Additionally, I believe that the search results would remain the same irrespective of the fact that you are signed in or not.


              But still, for advanced information, I'm looping in EvilBugQueen1 to help you better.




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                EvilBugQueen1 Adobe Employee

                Hi LT,


                Can you please provide some more information?

                • What browser are you using when this occurs?
                  • Have you tried other browsers?
                • How long is the browser idle when you are logged out?
                • Are you automatically accepting cookies for the site?



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                  Lillian Duran Level 1

                  Hello Queen...

                  Im always using the Safest browser Ever - "Safari" - my experience with others have only left me disappointed! Slow my computer down, try to tell me I'm bugged, force me to upload non-sense & just too much other drama whereas Safari?" Is always fast safe & dependable!  I won't do FireFox Chrome or Explore" NOTHING they're all a waste of my time!

                  With that being said ...

                  It's less than 5minutes I return to the tab & have to log in - I just logged in & had the check mark checked by the "keep me logged in" huh knowing it won't function anyway & maybe someday it will?


                  Accepting Cookies For Adobe? It never asks to accept cookies but of course they're not blocked...

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                    EvilBugQueen1 Adobe Employee

                    Hi LT,


                    Hmm... so you sign into the stock site and then open other tabs in your browser? Are you visiting other Adobe sites perhaps? Are you using any extensions that might clear your cookies automatically? I cannot reproduce the issue but want to help you figure out what's going on.




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                      amandaveenhuis Level 1

                      For some reason it no longer is happening for me. I can stay logged in permanently now in my safari browser and have tabs open indefinitely.

                      I'm using safari - Version 10.1.2 and Mac 0s 10.12.6