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    New Lightroom 6.3

    Kenn Doyle

      Last week it got to the point that 6.2 could not be worked any longer, with constant hangups or clocking so long i could go shoot a wedding and come back just in time for the program to become responsive again.


      When asked here the response was:

      "Jao vdL (to Kenn Doyle) 1 week ago


      The most recent Lightroom CC has some serious lockup and slowness and crashing issues, especially on Mac OS X. Reinstalling will not help. You can try disabling the "Add photos screen" in Preferences->General or to disable the GPU acceleration in Preferences->performance. If neither helps the best thing is to install 2015.1.1. Instructions are here: http://www.lightroomqueen.com/how-do-i-roll-back-to-lightroom-2015-1-1-or-lightroom-6-1-1/ Adobe even officially acknowledges problems with the new import here: Lightroom 6.2 Import Update and has similar instructions on rolling back but they are not as easy to follow as Victoria's above."


      This worked perfectly! So I have some reservations about now trying to use 6.3.


      When I read the release notes, they returned to the old Import process (which is where I had my major issues) and fixed a few other things. But no where in the release notes is anything mentioned about fixing the "serious lockup and slowness and crashing issues".


      So my question is simple! IS it safe to go from 6.1 to 6.3 and not cause the issues mentioned above?