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    HowTo: Translation of Presenter 11 and PowerPoint 2010 content


      Hi everybody!


      I was curious, if Adobe Presenter 11 is able to create a translation file (e.g. XLF) to enable the translation of Adobe Presenter projects. But I didn't find any option...

      None was there an "Export..." option, only an "Import..." option to insert Audio, Interactions, Quizzes, etc. Articulate Storyline, as well as Adobe Captivate - for example - are able to export/ import a translation document...


      I'm sure that I ain't the only one, that needs to translate one e-learning into other languages.

      So: How do you translate your content, created with Adobe Presenter & Microsoft PowerPoint, into other languages, without sending the whole PowerPoint presentation to a translation agency?

      Unfortunately I made the experience, that the translation agency "destroyed" the content sometimes, especially if we had serious animations within our PowerPoint presentations. And that's hard work to fix it again.



      Cheers, Chris