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    Multi-Processing settings for 8-cores 64 GBs of RAM?


      Hi there!


      I recently upgraded my workstation to a i-7 5960x processor (8-cores, 16 threads) and 64 GBs of RAM.


      I'm using AE CC 2014 and AE CC mostly, since I find AE CC 2015 to be an incomplete version released prematurely.


      I know there's not one magic multi-processing setting that speeds up rendering on every project, (depends on effects, resolution, pre-comps, whether footage is used, etc)

      I just wanted to ask whether anyone has a similar setup (8 cores, 64 gbs of ram) and which settings work best for them.


      How much memory for background apps, how much RAM per core, how many cores to utilize, that sort of thing.


      Thank you!