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    Printing issues




      I am new to Indesign and am trying to print a flyer with a small margin (1cm) with the logo in the corner. however when i print it, the logo is half cut off. I know my printer can print close to the edge, it printed .5cm to the edge in a word document (although this was a header).  I can't find anything in the tutorials to help me with this and I am wasting so much paper trying to work this out!




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          From your description it's hard to know how close the logo is to the edge, which is pretty important information, or how wide the non-printing margin actually is.


          But, frankly, printing is a weak point in ID, especially with some printer drivers, notably postscript emulation drivers. We see reports of printing problems with many printers, and HP and Ricoh generally top the list. Much more reliable is to export PDF and print that from Acrobat.

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            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

            You don't print from InDesign, instead produce a PDF and print from that. For a desk-top printer use the Adobe PDF Presets and select High Quality Print. Desktop printers can usually print to the edge or around half an inch.

            You can make a test print with an image that's Placed from the edged and you can see how much prints.

            (You can also look in the printer spec to see the printing area.)