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    How does this forum work???

      Can someone please tell me how this forum works? I mean, it says there are 382 topics in "Contribute Publishing Services" but I can only see the last 4 or 5 topics. Where are the other topics ?!
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          AuthorAnne Level 1
          Hi sbrault74,

          By default you only see topics posted in the last 30 days (I think), so although there might be 382 topics posted in the forum, you only see the recently posted ones. You can change this by selecting Profile near the top of the page, then selecting Personal Options. Change the value in Days back to view topics for to a number of your choice - I've set mine to 365 so that I can see a year's worth of topics. Obviously this value will only take effect if you're actually logged in to the forum, otherwise it's back to the default value of 30 days.

          Hope this helps,