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    Quiz-When all 12 qns complete  trigger a well done message symbol


      I have created a html5 quiz in adobe edge. When someone gets an answer correct it triggers an image to become visible to show they have completed that question.


      i need to add the code in so when all 12 questions are complete and those 12 images are visible/on to trigger playing of a symbol ive got setup on there saying well done.


      is this something you can do?




      12 interactive bits on the stage, when you click on one it asks you a question. when you get it correct the image of the item switches off and a grey version switches on so that you know youve completed the question.


      i want it so when all 12 questions are answered to display a message ive got in another symbol.


      my initial idea was IF 12 GREY IMAGES ARE VISIBLE THEN PLAY the message but open to alternative ways to make it happen.