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    Why have I still not recieved my refund after 9 days?  See email below.


      This is to let you know that we have created RMA # 0066743630 for your return request.


      Products being returned: 

        PHSP & PREM Elements, 14., Windows, International English 


         Returns for downloaded products and box products:


      No further action is required; you do not need to return any disks or books




         Refund timeline:  


      If all information is provided as requested, refunds are typically processed without any additional action. Funds are released to the credit company within five business days from the time of the request. An email will be sent when the refund is complete. Note that if you have online access to your credit account, your refund may appear earlier than on a paper statement.





      What’s next?


      At Adobe, we strive to keep you posted on the progress of your refund: You’ll be hearing from us at the following intervals, which will also be reflected on your order status page. If we require any additional details, an agent will contact you directly at this email address.


      1. My refund is processing

      2. My return funds have been released

      3. Case closure notification


      If you need additional information, please do not reply to this email, as this email address is not set up to respond to queries.


      Check the order status page to address any questions about your return by searching with your RMA number.