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    Blue Screen in Develop Mode

    Roy Shopland Level 1

      I have just purchased a new Dell XPS 8900 withy a Nvidia (R) GeForce(R) GTX 960 2 GB DDR5 graphics card which presumably has the latest driver installed. With the "Use Graphics Processor" ticked in preferences all my photos up to April 2012 show up normally in the Develop Mode. However all files after this date show a blue screen when moved to develop but work normally if the graphics processor is unticked. How can this possibly be? I might have expected all or nothing but I am baffled by the split  according to date. Is this a problem with all graphics cards and if so are Adobe working on a fix? I had a similar issue with Develop mode crashing on my previous Dell with an AMD card which was one of the reasons for updating my computer! Looks as though I have wasted my time and money.